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Oubliette session twenty-- the soiree at Dragonfly.

It is funny-- when I come home from a game session, I'm all wired up & kicking. I usually write up the events right then & there, but last night was an exception. The session was a success, but once again my sense of timing is terrible; I need a storytelling workshop on pacing or something! From my guest stop in a few of Sam's games I've come to hold the opinion that he has really great narrative pacing; I should try to weasel in on some more. He does have the benefit of Tracey more as the star when I've seen him at work, with others in a more supporting role, & I have felt like some of my best timed sessions have been the little mini focus sessions; maybe I can experiment with that in the over-story; rather than removing PCs just sort of semi-officially spotlighting one? Anyhow, yesterday's game, while very fun, had a few sargassos I need to manage better. Enough with the musing-- on with the summary.

Our friends, dare we call them our heroes? Are Damocles of the Sun Cutting Darkness sept, a one-time witchfinder & one-armed swordsman; Bedwin, the street urchin with a dangerously growing obsession with the occult; Lorelai O'Dragonfly, the former slave beloved by birds & drakes inadvertently thrust into politics; & Balthazar of the Ten-eyed Devils sept. They found themselves in the hidden library of a more-than-suspected warlock & blood magus, Adelard. His brother-in-law, the Baroni Corvulus Crucious, had seized Adelard's diaries & tomes & hidden them below the earth in a secret chamber. With the coming of dawn, the guide who had led them in secret to this hidden cache-- the Baroni's son, Seignour Lupus Crucious-- demanded that the leave. They did, & broke their fast back in their rooms. Then through-out they day most caught up on sleep, napping either through morning or mid-day. They kept themselves busy otherwise-- Bedwin read heraldry & geneology with one of the Baroni's daughters, Corva; Lorelai met with some of the Baroni's sons & the Baroni himself, talking parties & politics; Balthazar accepted Lupus' request for apprenticeship formally; & Damocles tried his blade against the goliath orichalchum blade of the Baroni's new champion, Aud Guntersdottre-- the first blood went to him, but best two out of three, they tied.

The latter half of the session commenced after their return to the beseiged city of Malake in the now military barge of Captain Frisco. Returning to their home, the Theme of Dragonfly, they find a few surprises waiting for them. One, the huge marble idol of the Spider-thing from Lalala has been put on the roof; when they had hired a caravan to bring it here, Dragonfly was the home of the Noble Airvanthe of the Golden Nirvana, who now numbers among the invaders. Not knowing how to deal with it, Damocles' squire Mathio had it put out of the way. The second surprise Mathio had for Damocles hinges around Damocles' call to muster. Before leaving the city, he asked for soldiers & verterans disabled in the line of duty to flock to him-- disabled himself, Damocles had a mind to forge a fighting guard of those otherwise hale but for some grivious hurt. They have started to flock to his banner but some too have seen it as an opportunity to disposed of deformed & unwanted children-- the horned Tibault, the albino Calibain, & Shazar of the forked tail, all between the ages of eight to eleven. Lorelai found too that Tilly-- Matilde Pennyeach-- the girl from the inn she wooed with glamorous tales of the big city, has come to live there. With some further preperation, Lorelai et al throw themselves a party! A party ostensibly not to be over-run with politics. She, as advised, invited many of the factions currently threatening the city, & allowed open carry & modest escorts? So who most notably came?

Isambard of the Theosophic Standers sept & his bodyguard, Andromache of the Dowsing Square sept. A very short, gravelly voiced man with an eyepatch & a tall, mostly bald woman with a cigarillo & carbines. Isambard is the commander of the Synod vanguard. They gave two large ivory kerubim. Baroni Corvulus came in the stead of the Dux Thibault Salarius, leader of the Malake aristos. He as a gift bred a new cultivar of blue rose, & named it the Lorelai. Alexi Demi-lion, who rebelled against Jan, leader of the rebel Scars, who brought a very rare bottle. Young Fleance, Doge of Malake, who brought with him the crystal key to Dragonfly theme's ancient Karnak devices. Gaspar, brother of Vol, a ghoul of Kult. Wilhemina Incarnadine, a Heirophant of Lux Invictus here under political asylum. & Mempsimoru Ransom Nave, the jolly, beared fellow from Lalala. He says he's the new Velvet Heirarch of Malake, & has pledged the city many spears-- though how such a thing could be is a mystery for now. He brought a white, gelded bull with horns & hooves painted gold. Additionally, the Hesychast monks of the Vinium Theologium sent a clockwork bath that heats its own bathwater, with prayers lining the pipes & works so that the very act of bathing is made sacred.
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