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Friday I met up with Jenny near my work, & I took her to Eisenberg Sandwich. That is one of my joints, now. It is this freaky place-- I went to it on my first day of work at the new job & kind of marveled. It is, how do I put this, like what a movie would tell you an old time-y Gotham diner was like. Not like all chrome or glass, nor all touristed up. The pictures on the wall are all either Russian celebrities or like, Peter Gallagher. Their specials are meatloaf sandwiches & frank & beans & "The Spitzer" aka hot tongue on rye. From there it was home, some reading, a little fussing, & then to bed.

Saturday was more on the lazy wagon. Knocking around the apartment, making a few errand runs. Jenny cooked oatmeal. I went to the gym, which I'd been slack about all week, so to make up for it, I pushed myself pretty hard for two hours. Increased my weight across the board; five to twenty pounds depending, while keeping the same or more sets & reps. I was pretty wrecked midway through, so I cardio'ed till I felt better. I've noticed that I've crossed the invisible line. The same thing happened at Kent at some point-- I've caught the notice of the like, alpha lifters. You know, the people who know what they are doing, & are doing it with a ton of weight. They've put me into the group of people they'll ask for a spot. Which on one hand is annoying, since it interrupts my groove, but on the other, acceptance of a community of elite is always fun. Also, it is weird to touch people so intimately-- I know what your body is like under your shirt, guy!

Then for the evening Jenny left & I watched the X gift ranai gave me, The Fall. So easily the best film of 2008. It made me, actually, want to run a Planescape game. Just allow the players 100% free reign to make up their character's back history, with this simple kernel-- they are the most important people of their world. The game is then planar, with special "focus" sessions dealing with each of the player's prime material planes. If you wanted you could be the planar character to start-- which has the downside of not having a whole prime devoted to your story, but the upside of letting you have the lazy attitude of the seen-it-all-before. Every weekend is Ragnarok! After that, I watched Brave & the Bold. In the first segment, B'wana Beast, with his real powers? B'wana Beast has the ability to combine two animals. What kind of power is that? Answer: a horrifying one. In this episode's frontispiece he makes a spiderhorse & a pelicanshark. Okay, weirdo. The main story is about "The Outsiders," which casts Batman's Outsiders as troubled teens-- Katana (ninja schoolgirl), Black Lightning (looking like Static Shock), & Metamorpho (same as always). Batman is teamed up with Wildcat & they sort of combine a JSA thing with the Outsiders thing. First off, I have been saying that now that DC wants to introduce Static Shock the way I think it should go is as a prologue. Static as a kid should be part of the Teen Titans, & he should grow up to be Black Lightning. Of course, I like the idea of different timelines in comics-- I think Static should be circa Dick Grayson's Robin & Black Lightning circa Nightwing. Anyhow, also: the story has Black Lightning defibrillating Wildcat while Metamorpho gives him rescue oxygen? What!?
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