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Ai! A balrog!

I have the teensiest crush on Rachel Maddow. If by tiny I meant that I think that she’s the most adorable, ever. I want to take her into the Mines of Moria with me instead of Legolas. She’s such a funny elf! Last night I came home from going out drinking—I was invited out by work people to a going away party. A girl who works here who I click with is of course leaving. We talked about Shadowrun all night. Or well, “all night,” since I’m an old work horse, being till like, eight o’ clock. Work has been all meetings again-- I did get to sit at the tip of the point for one, but still! & I met another guy’s girlfriend, & we wordplayed with “mookie.” Don’t ask, it is probably best not to. When I got home, I loaded up a box with all kinds of pizza for Jenny & me, & we watched a Daily Show we had taped with Rachel Maddow on it. Unlike the other guests who walk out of the backwings for their interview, she exploded out, & then sort of tra-la-la skipped across over to John Stewart’s desk. Ha, she’s so dorky, it is great. She’s got those thick plastic frames & sneakers, so awesome. I don’t agree with her half of the time but she’s super smart. I do think it is funny that those sorts of news shows have come around in the post-Daily Show world, have learned from it & incorporated it. I didn’t expect to watch the show very often when Jenny started recording it, & I usually dislike strong editorial, but I’m smitten, smitten I tell you! Maybe I should go to her partner’s art show? Oh, & then sleeping last night was awful, just awful; alarms, cell phones needing turned on to be set, ipods screaming-- did you know they could do that?
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