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Impaled! (3)

Rites of the Dragon by Gregg Stolze.

What everyone wants
Vlad Dracula to be is
King of the Vampires!

I can't get enough of these in-universe texts, I have to admit. The po-mo meta-text nature of roleplaying games is a crazy enough scheme from a literary standpoint, right? Which makes imbedded, in-game, extant works like this very charming. Plus, the sort of novella approach is just the right ammount of it; more would be too much. On top of that, the books are always very nice-- or at least quaint. This one is covered in red velvet! & filled inside with art. Now, I liked the art of The Book of Nod & Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth better, fair enough. There is probably a bit too much moustache here for my taste.

Inside there are a few clever bits. All the Dracula stuff is fine-- I don't have the affection for that monster the way I do for Adam Frankenstein & Edward Hyde. There are some weird asides about his brother the catamite & lowely women-- really? Dude, even after you are dead, you are going to talk shit about lady vampires? That seems-- pretty dumb. It is the working in of the game-rules information that I find interesting. At some points it gets too much, too transparent, but there is such a decent framework for the ideas of the Coils-- the reinforced curse against the curse idea. There are some other twists of phrase or concept I appreciated: thought went into the Ordo Dracul's philosophies. As I said, I'd probably have (ahem) obfuscated some of the games connections a little more, but that is my way.
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