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Yesterday was a pretty good score. Went to the gym, check. The New Years Resolution people are there, but it isn't too terrible. Did a quick 1:30 there. The ladies on the cardiomachines gave me plenty of eyeball lovin', & I didn't have to spot anyone. Man, spotting people makes me feel like an idiot. Came home & Jenny & Carla had made dinner. Macaroni & cheese, brussels sprouts, & salad. Thanks to my new "support network" shame_is_good I refrained from all but a glass of wine, & a real glass of wine, not a mordicai-sized glass of wine. Then I tucked off into bed early. So I could be annoyed! I mean, the girls stayed up getting drunk, so of course it was toss-&-turnsville. When I got up at like 1:00 AM to get water, they were like "do you hate us?" & I said of course, & they told me that I should have said something. Bah, let them have their fun. I'm private with my curmudgeonly ruminations. It sparked Carla into leaving & then Jenny came to bed & made it up to me. Now I'm at work chowing down on breakfast mac with a meeting looming on the horizon.

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