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Weekends at Mordy's.

Weekend successfully unshabby. Not a bad start to 200fine. Friday was my first day back in the salt mines, & the grindstone didn’t need my nose too much—it was a nice way of easing in. Came home to find that, after covering me in kisses, Jenny had plans with Carla. Carla lives in the Slope now & has been making an effort with me; good news gospel stuff all around. So they went out & I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. They came home about three fourths of the way through it, & didn’t care when I kept babbling about cosmic rebirth. Phillistines! I didn’t care though, I’ve seen it a few times before (like a million-- 2001 is easily the best movie of all).

Saturday was a little more easy going; played some video games (aka the only thing I did during my vacation—I doubt I even picked up a book, though I read some comics), hit the gym, & then met up with ranai. She’s my dude. We were planning on going to the Brooklyn Museum for their free, late First Saturday of the Month thing. Which we did, but not without some misadventure. First, I wanted to walk there, so we did. I miss my jaunts to Grand Army Plaza. The problem with this plan was that it froze Danielle’s ears off. We did get to walk around the fountain & through the arch, though. The other problem here is—who can understand Grand Army Plaza? Not me. So we ended up pretty much missing the museum entirely & walking down the wrong street—the street where sleeping truckers lie. It worked out in the end; we got there, saw some museum stuff—I really don’t like Gilbert & George—& watched some courtly seventeenth century dancing, went into some southern houses. We finally bailed & went to dinner: Rancho Allegre, where I’ve never been. It is on the second floor, which is nice, & the mole sauce was good. Also, we decided they thought I was cheating on my wife with Danielle, since they comp’ed half our pitcher of sangria. Then home to Jenny & some Angel & a little Doom.

Instead of my game, Sunday was another guest slot in Sam & Tracey’s one-on-one game, with toughlad & one of Sam’s friends. I reprised my role as Dell Kurs, the WWII Nosferatu. James’ wasn’t his WWII Ventrue this time but rather an Age of Aquarius Ancient Roman. The other James was a Gangrel bounty hunter, Tracey was her mage & Sam was the Storyteller (often in the guise as the mage’s paramour). The session was a party—as all good game sessions are I find—which took place on winter solstice. A vampire party. There were more than a few entertaining moments—I "roofied” a political opponent by tricking her into feeding on a mortal who was candy flipping, & James’ character locked a leech in a car trunk with a zippo. I found out that Fancy Vampire Moves are sometimes stupid—I took a two die penalty to not do aggravated damage & give her a minus one dexterity? Next time forget that; I’ll take the two extra dice & do like six aggravated, thanks. In the end, the Big Bad was killed, hooray.

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