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The Adventures of Lazybones coming to a close.

So with Jenny under the weather, feeling the sniffles, dogged by the plague hounds, I've been double whammied with Operation Shut-In. Okay, she's actually gone out? Wait, that doesn't seem right! Well she has, but while she's been home, I've fed her orange juice & tea & all that rot. We've kept occupied in only the barest, vaguest way. Well, we did a deep clean of the apartment-- or okay, mostly she did. I do a lot of upkeep stuff, she is the boss of project stuff. I rearranged some bookshelves. Lamps were hung (lamps are being hung as I type in fact). Papers were tidied-- I have lots of scraps of paper with Important Notes™ on them. I popped out like a million cute ice cubes shaped like hearts or jewels.

I also consumed some media, mediocre & otherwise. I watched some old Star Trek: the Next Generation; the two best episodes of that show, probably-- "Best of Both Worlds" parts one & two. Man, those are at least okay, & you have to remember too-- they up & killed Yar, right? Who was to say that Locutus wouldn't be the big bad of the show & Riker would get the helm with Shelby as Number One? There was legitimate doubt. I've said this a number of times, but if TNG had been the Passion Play that Roddenberry wanted, with the Borg as the Devil & Q as God? It might have been brilliant instead of okay. I also watched, for no particular reason, Superhero Movie. I guess it is meant to be a spoof? It really is pretty much a failure as a spoof, since it just adheres to the cliches? & I watched The Simpsons Movie which I didn't need to do; the bits & fragments I'd seen up to now were fine. I probably watched a few television programs-- we had an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 we hadn't watched because it was a "feel bad/feel good" episode about how they donated toys to Saint Jude's, & we finally forced our way through it. Stuff like that.
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