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Tyranny is the Right of All Sentient Creatures- Mega Prime.

Transformers by Activision.

This would have been a really fun game were it not for some pretty fatal flaws. The first & most damning is the camera work. I can't tell you how frustrating the camera is. The main function of it is tied to where you Wii remote is pointing. This sucks for a few reasons-- one, pointing your remote to look around corners comes up with the cornering problem a lot of old fps had. Two, one of the major controls for melee fighting is to SWING YOUR REMOTE. Two is really the killer here. Sure, you can "lock on" but when you are being swarmed by a bunch of little Autobots or wee Decepticons, you end up basically just doing the Wii equivalent of button smashing.

The other problem is that the land vehicles...well, they suck. They have different controls from the air vehicles (or the air vehicles have different controls-- I played the Decepticon side first because I'm bad at heart). This is just an "acceleration" button but it is key to the biggest frustration of the game. See, a lot of levels have "race" segments. That is, you fight (lets say Iron Hide fights Starscream) & then when you win (You smash Chris Latta's imposter's face in) & the bad guy takes off (Starscream transforms & flees). Now you have a race to get to the next action point (Starscream is tearing up the police station, Ironhide, stop him!). These "races" are the most difficult part of the game, which is no fun at all. While you are trying to work between the accelerate & the turns & all that, you miss the timer by, lets say a few seconds (Ironhide got turned around in the 7-11 parking lot). Sorry buddy, back to the begining with you. Since this formula is repeated around three times (Starscream flees to the police station, chase him, beat him, Starscream flees to the high school, chase him, beat him...) if you fail the final race it can really get your goat. Oh, & one last word on the controls: you need to throw cars at a lot of bad guys. Fine, but the "pick up a car" button is A) on the same hand as the "lock on target" button & B) over sensitive; you will "miss" picking up things at your feet all too often. Most of the time, even.

So I have some fairly major complaints, but I still enjoyed myself. It is viscerally satisfying to play Scorponok & chase down APCs, to play Megatron & murder dozens of Autobots, to play Optimus Prime & beat the stuffing out of Megatron. The humans too are weirdly well balanced-- it can bug you when you are playing but it is smart-- You can pretty much shrug off cop fire, but tanks & helicopters will actually do some hurt, & so will the little jeeps (they have rocket launchers!) Climbing buildings is weirdly slow, but also fun, & oh! There are a couple of missions where you are Blackout or Megatron or Starscream where your job is just to wreck someplace; you can do a darn good job of that. Some levels are way too easy, some levels are way too hard (mostly due to a timer on a portion of the game that didn't need to be timed), & some levels are just right. There were extras left to collect-- energon cubes-- but the extras I was unlocking were like-- gallery images? Trailers? So I didn't bother. Oh & after you win as either the Decepticons or the Autobots, you get a "Cybertron" level where you just kill & kill & kill. Hooray!
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