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10,000 crystal skulls found! Pscyhic army rules the world!

Last night I watched Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull & it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t the best of the Indiana Jones movies, maybe—right down there with …Temple of Doom— but I thought it was fine. Maybe I like crystal skulls & ancient astronauts & the Nazca lines more than other viewers? Oh, there is cheese aplenty—the father/son thing is a bit much—but there was cheese in …Holy Grail too, & of the same variety. The scene with Shia LaBeouf getting hit in the nuts over & over was…weird. I’ll tell you what. The idea that Indiana Jones stories would move through the decades? From serial spoofs to war propaganda & so forth? A good idea. & the notion that this movie, of the old Indiana, would be about UFOs, as per the fifties motif? & have greasers & bobby socksers & all that? I accept it & I am fine with it. Indiana Jones gets nuked, why not! & he has to fight Commie Psychics. He has to! Okay, maybe my expectations were sufficiently lowered by everyone telling me how awful it would be. & maybe I was a little bit drunk. & maybe I sort of stopped watching the movie & started pretending it was another story about Br’er Rabbit escaping from Br’er Fox & avoiding the tar baby & all that (it is, too!). I also really liked the constant magnetism-- that was a nice piece of oddity. & it made me think too of the For the Love of God spoof which always makes me laugh-- not because I am hating on Hirst, but because it is a pretty good jab.

Things have been lazy. The weekend was, at least. Thank heavens. Friday was sort of the culmination of the situation—Carla’s birthday, & Jenny & me & David & Maggie stayed over her apartment till five in the morning, sliding home in a beetle cab. Saturday washed out ‘cause of that—we were going to attend a craft fair & then see a play of A Charlie Brown Christmas with Peter & Alicia but Peter & Alicia pulled out & Jenny was wiped out. We stayed home, instead, & Sun’s day the same—except that of couse my game was cancelled for the holidays & Jenny’s plans with Kira were not. I stayed home & watched Robotech, see if I don’t. Same thing again last night—Jenny went over to help Carla pack up & I had the old homestead to myself. Well, Jenny came home first & cooked up Lentil Armageddon, which we then ate. She left, I packed the leftovers for lunch & cleaned up the dishes, & then got my archeology pulp action on.
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