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Wolfe in the fold.

Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe.

I am on the team that says this: Gene Wolfe is the greatest living writer. He's been turning out page-turners lately, not tomes, & while I prefer the latter the former are a real pleasure. Pirate Freedom is-- you guessed it-- about pirates. Not just pirates-- this is Mister Wolfe we're talking about-- you're sending the Wolfe? That's all you gotta say-- but time travel & identity & Catholicism. Which hilariously enough makes this about par for the course. The gender politics & the Catholicism are thicker than usual at points, which are downsides-- but the upsides are things like algebra jokes & the dawning realization that Chris' timeline isn't what we suppose. There is a part where Chris-- the protagonist, I don't feel like I need to introduce him, as Gene doesn't like introducing characters, either (he's got a Dramatic Personae for that!)-- is talking about the thing his mobster father taught him about a knife fight. That part was weird to read-- it is almost verbatim what my father told me. I've been plowing through a lot of Gene Wolfe backlist on my shelves, & it is such a luxury.
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