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Left hand of Doom.

So the black on the tungsten of my ring is starting to fail. There were rumors it might be so. I’ve heard too that there is a difference between the types of carbide finish—on ones with cobalt, the colour leeches out, but if the cobalt is replaced with nickel, things are fine. I thought mine might fall into the latter category, since I wasn’t seeing any discolouration on my finger, which is supposed to accompany the leeching. Well, long story short, it seems like there is a “band” of decolouration, along with a few flecks. I’m not freaking out about it—well, maybe a little, but I was reconciled to the possibility. As long as it “weathers” in an organic, not stupid-looking way, I’ll be fine. Something that I realized today that has been on my mind. On my mind. Dwelling, you could say. I guess my daily life is just as tough as Mount Doom. Suck on that, Frodo & Sauron. & come to think of it, my shoes are falling apart too. Entroy rains, all hail Discordia.
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