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pathfinder, the second darkness #14: children of the void by paizo.

lets be clear here: i got this for the gazateer of the paizo "solar system." from the blurbs i'd seen, there was a lot of cross over with some of the "worlds" in my oubliette game. i won't say planets-- i won't go on record saying planets, but there are similarities. i find convergent evolution interesting-- a plant with red deserts & canals shows our mutual background, but deciding to have a red planet, & a green planet, shows that our decision making is on the same track, too. & there are other details-- retrograde or irregular orbits, a tidally locked planet-- really? we're thinking in oddly similar ways. rather than feeling cheated, i feel pretty good about-- paizo makes a well thought out product. the adventure is fine-- has a nice action sequence-- but it is no help to me, so i discount it. there is a focus on a god-- the ascended god of drunken adventurers-- which is fine, but also meh. the void zombies are nice-- nice visual hook, & finally zombies you can crit. of course you can crit zombies, wizards of the coast! headshot! but why are the xenolions cr 1 only? make them scarier, i say.
Tags: books, dnd, oubliette, paizo, pathfinder

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