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vanity assuaged!

friday began with meeting up with friend ravenface to go to the call of cthuhlu art exhibit i'd been trying to get to all week. my ends had otherwise been frustrated by the cold november december rain, like axel or slash or that model who died. still, simon is as stalwart an ally as you could hope for, so we set our pitons & put the chains on our tired, & we were off to climb that mad mountain. one of the great things about me, after all, is my mind's ability to correlate it's contents. & with such charming portents as this staring at us in the elevator, what more could a boy ask for?

the show was mix-n-match. some of the drawings were very lovely. some appealed more to my eye as illustrations, but that doesn't wreck it for me. there were a few that seemed to have been shoe-horned in by the curator at the last minute to fill blank spots-- there was a woman superimposed with a cow? there was also a woman with a goat's head, but simon joked that it was shub-nigguruth & now i think he may have been right. some chose to go the route of cute cthulhu, which at this point i am so over. the most successful pieces, by far, were the books; three of the exhibitors chose to make illustrated version of call of cthulhu-- well, more or less-- & they were pretty great. those were by far the best gems.
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