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oubliette session nineteen-- return to the rosicrucians.

a very political session tonight, which lost tom's interest but worked on everyone else's. so a loss & a win, & even he was philosophical about it. still, i owe him a sneaking session. the players had returned to the malake suburb of rose cross to meet with the noble they'd previously clicked with, baroni corvulus crucious. they recently met with the dux (the leader of all the nobles extant), thibault salarius, & his advisor, the warlock adelard. well, adelard is corvulus' brother-in-law, & the blood is nothing but bad. our players talked politics & came around to the idea that merging the malake nobility with the malake electoral system is the right way to go-- the divine right of the landowners can be leveraged to make the synod threat of conquest-under-guise-of-aid into genuine military aid. the real threat to this is that the dux is convinced the elected doge of malake, young fleance, killed his father fleance the greater, in order to seize the scepter. the dux is convinced of this since adelard advises him thus. finding adelard against them politically, & given adelards coercion & blood-theft against lorelai, & that he has a history of murder most foul, the players have decided to do away with him. the baroni of course has steered clear of at all suggesting, condoning, or even understanding this-- all he did was point out the very good reasons to have him killed, & then let the players come to the conclusion on their own.

there was an extended dream sequence, which i thought went well. it was short, tom & sam gave stellar performances despite my under-preparing them (genius ad-libbing on both their parts), & tracey & james both hit the right notes. dream sequence in a fractal doll hospital; they are in a hospital with a dollhouse of a hospital & so forth. kore, the princess of a PERL, claimed (& it seems rightly so) to be a simulacra, a doppelganger of lorelai. she is also the woman balthazar claims to love. she was attended by doctor spark (the sane version of old spark of RAM) & one of doctor tophet's agents of vivisection. kore told lorelai that granny (who lorelai calls serafina) is a faerie straddling three timelines-- one where she is a crone, one where she is a woman, & one where she is a young girl. kore is a redhead, lorelai a blonde-- seraphina has black hair when a maiden. she hopefully helped de-confuse tracey/lorelai, & traded a trident forged in manticore blood for the recipe of granny's that lorelai knew.
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