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i have been & always shall be your friend.

last night was the, or at least a work party, & i convinced jenny to come up & be part of it. work parties translate into being drunk in the middle of the day, basically. first positions was the group straddling the hallway; mostly people in sales i hang out with, but peppered with others. second positions was back in the "point," at the office of j. jonah jameson, jr. the very office. where i talked gossip with someone whose name i immediately forgot (drat!) & then talked nemesis with someone who sends me faceless emails, otherwise. she was pleasant. third positions was filing out of the building & whisking away to another location with work friends. with my main work hombres. then over to pick up the most expensive beer in the world, & to a village apartment. for mario kart & shouting & heading home & it is almost nine o' clock? so we are pretty much wasted when we get home & glut on pizza (so much pizza today-- pizza with simon too) & aaron calls & wants us to come out but no way! we want to lie around & get rug burns, leave us alone. today i'd like to get my act together & hit the gym-- it seems pretty likely that i will. maybe i'll have aaron come for good measure, just like olden times. then tracey's scavenger hunt at the metropolitan museum of art, then danielle's party. this is just a collision weekend, man.

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