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the wind often howls here? fabulous!

things have been hectic-- not bad, but hectic. power lunches! or well, there were only a few days i could sneak away from work, being innundated with meetings-- but i got to see a fresh-faced marie, which was nice, & simon & i are meant to go to this cthulhu art exhibit i've been trying to get to all week. then there has been the cold rain-- yours truly in his black converse had many wet sock episodes. went to kit marlowe & co on wednesday-- only after tribulation, maggie & me left behind after the train-yard rapture. all the subways stopped working at once! but i picked up my packages & we trundled over to tv night. seriously-- how are they cancelling pushing daisies? & how i met your mother throwing down some hard game, like whoa. so of course i wanted to open another bottle! thursday was survival-- survive! after work i ducked over to an art school to see darling ekat & her brother-boyfriend. they had pictures. i told brother-boyfriend that his layout of the show-space was my favorite thing; i hope he took it as a compliment. & the first xmas miracle. despite the pouring rain, we have a tree now! it was needed. tonight, work xmas party, & the king of the normals rolls into town?

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