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repeal day is a funny thing-- i'm not entirely sure of my opinions. lots of people take it as evidence that making alcohol illegal is impossible, but that isn't really the whole story, is it? i mean, the laws were all a set-up, traps to bust the irish, italians, & black people. & they were staggered, leaving the drinker absolved of any wrong-doing. basically a set-up that created organized crime out of whole cloth. just funny to look at the current "war on drugs" & see the parallels. anyhow, jenny cooked a pot roast & then we drank two bottles of wine. it was nice; i like her better than i like anybody else. also yesterday i put some ducks in a row regarding writing systems-- the agath started as pictoglypic scratches on bones. given my new anthropological theme for the synod-- sacrifice-- it is a perfect fit. that turned into calligraphy, & chops, & poet-tongue. only geographic backwaters still speak the agath, but the writing system is the signifier of the elite. the more characters you know, the more well educated you are considered. the logos is going to be written in an abjad-- i'm just going to call it the abjad. so consonants only, with lots of vowel & other pronunciation marks.
Tags: holiday, ideology, oubliette

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