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holiday songs.

i've been thinking about language today-- kind of decided on logos starting to compete with the vulgate. logos diversifying in dialects, the vulgate assimilating other tongues. also kicking around will be the mothertongue, the big root of the vulgate that started getting all sprachbund on the other regionals, the agath, a largely extinct scribe language & protos, an early precursorof a couple of different groups. i haven't quite settled on writing systems yet; how complicated i want to make it is always a tricky thing. i'm torn between organic simulation & dramatic simplification. i am fairly certain that agath is synonymous with a pictographic written system. vulgate will be alphabetic-- maybe more than one? other parts of the continent will use other languages-- daevanagari, wilkeen, & something with demotic, hieratic, etc. i really should put this on hold, since i agreed to run a apocryphal session of my game on sunday.

last night was pleasant; it made me curse at the television pretty frequently. as in "i can't fucking believe you canceled this show." pushing daisies is just. so worth it. this season of the pickup artist is over, & it wasn't as great as last season, but still fun to watch. especially with lilly, so gets (virtually) picked up by mystery anew as each episode progresses. we also had some decent local wine i picked up on a lark. oh, i'm leaving out the exciting bit: maggie & i met up & went over to her & david's new apartment. their new apartment in gowanus, also known as my backyard. eventually the conversation turned to marriage. what a funny thing! i was probably a bit sleepier than i had any right to be. oh, & i met up with james & had some beans & franks at the quintessential new york diner. my first beans & franks ever!
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