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cut your hands. & that is the lucky charm i've told you around the campfire tonight. you bring me sticks & logs & build this fire outside my cave. sometimes you bring your singers & they sing for me. & sometimes i bring my rough halo & i rough halo for you. when they say your name to take power over you, you gain power over them. i spool out another dweomer over cups of water flavored by soaked black beans. crawl on your belly, from a bird to a snake. you used to bring your pretty birds, tied up in wooden bundles, & they would sing for me. i can't promise i remember it exactly how it happened-- i'm more inside than i am outside, & outside i'm everywhere. maybe you used to have language, crops, maybe before i burnt them all up with the forge of hangin' around. should i have ate the pregnant lamb or shouldn't i? why don't you climb up the plinth & sing me a song, bird? or you could walk up the stairs shedding blood. i know how it goes. the stitches will hurt, & you'll be afraid of them. but you sew your guts up with plenty of broken glass & spiders & you go to the lines. did you know a carat is equal to a carob seed? maybe you did. come sit in my teeth & pick them clean, little bird, flutterbye. come on i'll kill you, common common. did you see the nothing deer? in the nothing forest? did you did you?

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