mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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lapis mordy.

so i can look out from my window in the flatiron & see the chrysler building turning into gold. how is that for witnessing some great work? gotham alchemy win. don't mind if i do. in fact the whole city is build on the bedrock of philosopher's stone. so i'll just tidy up here, put on my jacket & step into the network of underground tunnels that wind & twist dark. i'll ride a night train through to where i live, & who knows what i'll do with the rest of my night. i've got plenty to chose from. took lunch in a park filled with treeforts. don't mind if i do. raise high the lantern that sheds the night. minas morgul here i am. better than a smoking car crash in the wasteland. you fight your orcs, i'll rule my drow.

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