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i put a spell on you!

we did laundry last night! i was happy to push it to monday because that made thanksgiving weekend into date weekend. see, little miss lovely (insert roger hargreaves character icon) & i met on thanksgiving, just about a decade ago. we also had ourselves a fairly major break-up, so the holiday isn't all roses. or is it? as the wyld stallyns say, every rose has its thorn. regardless, it isn't a high holiday of our romance, but it sure was nice to go out to dinner & to a movie. i'll take a little wine with my cheese, thanks. now is the workaday-- everyone is gone to the southland, leaving me & a few stalwarts here to generate work for ourselves. i've kept fairly busy-- i just threw a bunch of stuff away, & yesterday i did a slew of work skullduggery.

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