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oubliette session seventeen: the state of the free city.

i was rather thin with details when providing the recap last night. i think i was a bit muddled; i didn't mean to handle things the way i did; i fell into some of the traps that i sometimes do. i can't just provide confusion & terror to tracey; tracey shuts down when there is the confusion-time. & while tom engaged with the dux to talk about politics, he was unsatisfied by it. it doesn't help that of the character's playing, both bedwin & balthazar (tom & james's characters respectively) are full of braggadocio & bluster. they can talk over lorelai which doesn't help anyone. damocles helps balance the scales a little bit. i need to connect with lorelai; luckily, that is on the agenda for new game anyhow.

malake is currently besieged by a number of forces. how it started is thus: jan demilion is a charismatic former "unransomed"-- a gladiator-slave. he's subsequently bought his freedom & made his fortune-- a fortune that he reinvested in the human market. he bought many unransomed soldiers & built a slave-mercenary army under several umbrellas-- sports, caravan guards, household security, so on. he shuffled it around from dummy owner to shell company until he judged that he had enough, & blammo! he struck. civil war. he had other irons in the fire-- jan had started a sports club/secret society, the scars, & drawn many rich young men to it. he also seems to have some kind of piscine supernatural patron. in the fighting, the doge of malake was killed, but the warrior societies loyal to the city were able to oust jan's forces, for the time being. so jan retreated, & the doge's son, young fleance, was elected to his father's seat. in all the hub-bub, the nobles also rose up to arms, if not violence. in malake, the nobility has fallen from a position of real power, though they retain a hold on the suburbs. they exist as landlords of the burbs, & a police force, but there have recently come up ideals of noble action. so in the violence they armed themselves & offered assistance-- but the elected doge of the city mistrusts their motives, & thinks they intend to restore the aristocracy. the nobles occupy the amphibios amphitheater & rose cross.

the local uproar was just the start of things. to the south exists the synod. the synod is a theocracy; is in fact the empire of the church. to the east, across the mountains, is the shining horde. the shining horde has recently arisen, born out of a revolution against plutocracy. to hear tell, the shining horde has conquered half the world. there are two points where the mountains break-- here, at the malake gap, & to the south across from the synod's capitol. the synod has mobilized a vanguard & sent it north to malake, offering aid. they occupy the garden cities, now-- the doge knows that to accept the occupying forces of the synod is to forfeit malake's status as a free city. once the synod comes in, they will stay indefinately. the hierophant of the church in malake is currently under house arrest, or has been offered asylum (depending on who is asking) by the players. to the east, the "lord mayor" of the shining horde has come through the gap, paving the way for one of the so-called "living gods" of the shining path, haigha. one of the former movers & shakers of malake, the noble airavanthe, has liquidated his assets & helped fund this excursion. they occupy the area surrounding whitechapel.

our players currently work for the doge of malake, young fleance. he has given most of them ell-wands, the symbol of authority, & asked them to act in his stead. damocles believes wilhemina incarnadine, the hierophant, to be loyal to the synod. lorelai was formerly owned by airvanthe of the golden nirvana, who funded the shinind horde's entry past the mountains. bedwin has a relationship with the leader of the synod vanguard, a gentleman named isambard of the theosophic standers sept. the party recently went to meet with the dux thibault salarius, leader of the nobility, as well as his warlock, adelard. the dux spoke at length with them while swimming. bedwin questioned why the dux, & the doge, & the synod, & the rebels, don't all join forces to repel the shining horde. lorelai convinced the dux to come to malake to a party, as a sort of olive branch-- the dux believes that young fleance killed his father fleance the greater to take his position, but if this can be disproven, is open to alliance. balthazar put forth his services to the dux, who declined to take him up at the moment, until it can be done with less crossed-lines.
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