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oubliette session seventeen: the dux & the warlock.

a strange session. we met early for mexican, me, james & tom. then we bought new socks to trundle over to sam & tracey's, as we were cold & soaking wet. getting into the apartment was quite nice. from there, sam had to leave early, so yeah. everything was paced weird, from getting there early to sam taking off in the middle. i had a lot of fun, but i lost a few people at different points. & we drew lots for secret santa, that is fun!

a very political session, which is always a tricky wicket. it opened with damocles talking to wilhemina incarnadine, who he now has under arrest/has granted asylum to. six of one, half of the other. then some backdating-- bedwin talking to his people, lorelai to hers, balthazar rounding himself up some unusual suspects. then they piled into a carriage & started out on a road trip. they stopped at an inn-- bedwin found a strange mask, lorelai read palms, damocles talked to soldier & balthazar sowed dissent. from there, to meet with adelard, the dux's advisor. a weirdo with an aircar. a warlock with a blood-thing. he vetted them & the dux met with them alone. he was swimming in the ruins, & they swam with him. talked politics! & then bedwin had a nightmare & i messed with lorelai. or adelard did. drew her blood. confused her. i need to be careful with all the confusing lorelai. hopefully things will become clear soon.
Tags: campaign2, oubliette

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