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so last night jenny "dragged" me to go see twilight. i wasn't really needing dragged-- i would have read the books if everyone didn't warn me off. what! vampires. so the movies, being a distillation of 400 pages of martyrdom & such into two hours of film, were something i was open to. we went to the pavillion, which i have all but sworn off, though we were at least in a reasonable theater (for once). how was the movie? well, they are not shy about being cheesy. that actually is pretty redeeming. if you are making a movie about a vampire heart-throb, you know what? put way too much makeup on him. shoot him so that the taxidermy bird behind him give him angel wings. don't fool around! you can go over the top! hey, buffy & angel already taught me that vampires have goofy spiked hair, too. see-- my impression of the books was that the vampire-- edward-- was a total piece of shit, & that the girl-- bella-- was a codependent psycho who pretends that she's "strong" because she puts up with shit she shouldn't. well, the actor who played edward decided to play him manic-depressive? anyhow, he comes off as a mess, rather than a dick, which is better. plus, he's just...hilarious. bella-- well, i guess book two is where she gets all suicidal & stupid to the max? this movie had some teeth grinding, but whatever. vampire love story. really i think my favorite bit was the vampire baseball. it was cute, well enough done, & frankly i don't think i've seen something like it before. actual invention charms me. hey, native american actors! even though the native americans are magical spiritual people, you know? & oh, sure. vampires are code for sex, & just like anne rice vampires are all about homosexuality, these vampires are all about not having premarital sex. definately true. but the movie over-all is over-the-top enough to show that it is aware how cheesy its subject is-- it embraces it, in fact. i had fun, i'd see the next one. & in the end, i'm glad i didn't read the book-- i'm pretty sure the books would ruin it for me.
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