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bone counting!

should at least make a stab at narrating the past few days, all string & chicken wire. on tuesday, we watched baby mama. on the plus side, amy pohler & tina fey have really good chemistry. which we all knew, but still is nice to watch. on the down side, the plot ends up being disappointingly heteronormative; what with amy pohler keeps her baby & then tina fey magically gets pregnant. stupid. wednesday i got out of the office early, & came home, cleaned a little, danced on over to the gym, & then tv night, o.g. style. david & danielle & jenny & me & joe. it didn't go too long; jenny was still sick & wasn't drinking, so before too long it was pfft! out! then i guess thursday was thanksgiving. which also makes it the anniversary of when we met, & also of when our earnest breakup happened. pro & con! jenny went over to kira's to do prep work & i was told to stay home. well i didn't! i went to the gym again! then i was picked up & we all went over to kira's mom & step-dad's-- judy & robert's-- house in bay ridge. i like it there. which is good. jodi & her sister mindy came, & donna & pablo, & lee & carol, who were judy & robert's friends. the cooking was cooked! there was some kind of sticky rice stuffing, & other stuffing, turkey & candied yams & mashed potatoes, different kinds of fancy relish, some turnip pickles in lebanese style which were my favorite, another turnipy thing in japanese pickling, a shreddded salad type, & probably many other things which i am failing to account for. also pies-- pumpkin, apple, um, chocolate walnut? handwhipping & all that. the cocktails were a "mulled wine royale" which is the improved mulled wine spritzer, & then some ginger beer brandy etc concotion. the sasparilla thing never took off. also plenty of wine & i had a something-like-a-mojito. then it was time to go go go! still the the sickling, my little soldier wife. this morning we woke up & made out & then now here i am. she had to go to work!

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