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metal & plastic.

lego star wars: the complete saga.

well this is just a barrel of ewoks worth of fun. or a barrel of whatever-the-heck-salicious-crumb-is, even. i'm still plucking away at the extras on this thing: according to the game itself, i'm only about 70% complete, & i have something like 116 out of 160 of the "golden bricks." in otherwords, even though i've beaten the game, & replayed many levels, i still have a darn sight more to go. see, how it works is that after you beat a level, you can "free play" the level, allowing you to access the bounty hunter only sections, or the imperial only parts, or to activate pieces you need to be a jedi or a sith for. along the way you collect coins-- excuse me, studs-- that you spend to unlock characters, special options, whatever.

the game is fun. it is pretty loose in the interpretation of the events of the movies, which works to its advantage. there are a lot of clutz jokes & other sort of harmless hijinks. there are two kinds of levels-- ones where you play as lego-people, & ones that you play as lego-ships. they range in difficulty from cake walk to aggravating, but a death only looses you coins-- sorry, studs-- so you can keep going at it. again, the word here is fun; you go around cuting dudes up with lightsabers or throwing thermal detonators & trying to find all the hidden chambers & all that. even when (if) i beat it, i'll probably still go back in for replay. there is a two-player option, which i haven't tried before. well, i have. drunkenly, at ravenface's a while back. then we watched a video of one of the lion pinball plays, & i had to run out when i came on.

guitar hero iii.

i think everyone will acknowledge the awesome-ness that guitar games are. i'm not shocking anyone by pointing out that rhythm games are neat. victoria left her guitars over my apartment though, so i've gotten a chance to get in on the scene in a more personal way than playing it at someone elses. i've beaten it on medium, but i don't have the guts to start on hard, yet. my bigest coup is beating "knights of cydonia," which is my joint man! i guess some people like to play at the chubby kiss guy, or as the feather boa guy, but for me, i can only see being the sexy girl. i played as casey lynch, then as casey lynch in all black with lou's guitar, & now as casey in all white with the st. george axe. games like rock band have drum & vocal options, which are a lot of fun to jam with, but those are more intensive systems, too. i wish i had a second controller for this game, too, to do more bass/guitar duets.
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