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alchemy & apocalypse.

io9 makes me crazy. well, & fantasy & sci-fi writers & readers, too. io9 in particular got a peanuts style stormcloud over my head for actually mentioning cormac mcarthy. newsflash! the road is a science fiction novel. post apocalyptic? when did that stop being in genre? this isn't a new flag for me to wave though-- i've been saying things like one hundred years of solitude count as fantasy for a long time. & that guys like gene wolfe count as literary giants. i know a lot of brooklyn writers like lethem dabble in "genre fiction" with a sort of "guilty pleasure" rationale, which is just as bad. listen-- fiction is the art of made-up things. i like genre as sales tabs, but once it becomes, like kingtycoon said, a ghetto, then you should take that as a cue that you are doing it wrong. sulk!

while i'm ranting, let me also mention: i don't recommend puting anything from target on your wedding registry. we got a bunch of plates & bowls from them, & a chunk were broken in transit. well, it turns out their return procedure is to have you pay, & then reimburse the shipping with the credit for the broken goods. you know what? we didn't order the goods, so basically we're paying the shipping. the end. annoying. jenny, poor little sick bird, was on the phone with them duking it out. then it was some more veronica mars, & some more lego star wars. & i cooked dinner too! it turns out i always undercook the asparagus. edit: apparently target has made restitution & all is fine. vitrol retracted!
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