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oh & i found my ninja hat.

the weekend kind of fell apart under scrutiny. saturday was, as predicted, leisurely. there wasn't any food in the apartment, & so when i went to the gym i was a mess. so i focused on cardio & got out in an hour. usually not eating isn't a problem for me-- i may not like eating, but i sure do dislike being hungry. i'm a big furnace & i need plenty of fuel. afterwards i bought some groceries & it turned out to be the right plan-- saturday night jenny was fussy, but sunday she was full on sick. to top it off, james's dnd game was cancelled at the last minute, which was a bummer. so i stayed home & we watched a bunch of veronica mars & i beat the crap out of lego star wars. no laundry was done, which is a shame; it needs to be. i was going to go shopping today on my lunch break, but i forgot the banana republic gift card at home. ah well. this morning i started guns, germs, & steel, & while i like it so far, it seems to me like mister diamond thinks he is inventing anthropology. he's very "well, it seemed to me like there needed to be a multi-discipline approach, someone who knew about history, & biology, & about environmental consequences, too!" hey, jared, yeah, i agree. welcome to anthropology. anyhow, he's readable & not a dolt, though his "my anecdotal experiance with paupa new guineans makes me think they are genetically more intellegent!" argument, peppered with his "westerners are dumb because they watch too much television" thing made me roll my eyes.
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