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deer blood.

sometimes i think about my personal avatar & i wonder what people think. i assume that most people, after the "wears black" thing clicks in their subconcious, think i'm a recovered goth. sometimes i want to shake them & tell them that they are wrong. i'm an unrecovered geek! a whole different stream of pretension & post-tension lying there, different preconceptions for you to work with. having a persona at all is funny-- small talk. i'm not as bad as nixon, but i wonder if making chit-chat with me is torture? it seems like it might be. a lot of the gentlemen here at the office care about sports. not in a gross way, actually-- they have opinions, go to games, have discussions about play analysis. they code hobby. of course, i don't know anything about sports. i can make some noise about the wasteland's teams-- i want the indians to be renamed the spiders, the browns are not very good at playing football-- but i'm out of anecdotes quickly. so i spice it up! i was particularly proud of talking about the traditional thanksgiving game between the cleveland indians & the new england pilgrims.

while i'm discussing facts from the front, i eat like some mediterranean solder-- all humus & olives.

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