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i will rise.

i like going to the gym, increasing my stats, gaining levels. i was just talking about this. i go about three times a week. i wish i would go more like four times a week, but i'm okay about three times, especially since i do a bit over an hour & a half lately. i'm thinking about it as i meant to go last night, but got fussy & opted out. it seems, the more i think about it, that my ideal "go to the gym!" strategy is to be allowed to fool around at home & then, when i get bored, to go. if i have to be motivated about it-- go home & immediately go to the gym, for instance-- i am more likely to bail. i could come home & be worn out, for instance. what i like is having a day off, & spending the morning playing video games & then going when i get tired of that, or to go when i get bored of staring at the internet after getting home from work. i used to go sometimes in the mornings, & i was just getting into that when i started up in the flat iron tribe. now i wake up at 6:30 & there isn't any real chance i'll wake up before then to go to the ymca. that is crazy talk.

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