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I am so sad & lonely...

Last night was quite pleasant actually! Let me start with the hum-drum. Which is the exciting news, the old day-in, day-out: work is getting to be self-perpetuating for me. I’m now able to make work for myself, so I am busy all the time. So after my busy day at work, I zipped on down to Chinatown to pick up my blushing bride. I helped her put the chairs up at the library & then we walked uptown. We had some salads for dinner, & our timing eating was so impeccable that she gasped like an elf, discovered by a cobbler! Oh my! Which was pretty delightful. We were due at The Trivariety show—Simon & Meg’s brainchild. Brian & his wife were there, as were some of the other folks from Witch Prison!-- Lauren & Bijoux. The teams were split! We were “Da Feeders,” after I wanted to be called the “Defeaters.” So it goes! Life is full of compromises, but I won’t compromise with life! No sir. The Da Feeders were myself, Jenny, Brian, Lois, & Mike. Mike turned out to be an industry bigwig; how is that for networking? Also, we turned out to be pretty good at trivia—we won, in fact, after a Sudden Death showdown with “High Altitude Gas,” Debbie’s team. A few drinks were had, & oh did I forget to mention that the musical guest was Soce the Elemental Wizard? My favorite rapper of all. & lets not forget the wads-of-paper fight that I had with Lauren's team "Girls Gone Oscar Wilde!" I bopped one girl right on the head. Then home & hugs & kisses. That was a nice evening, I think I’ll do it again sometime. & for lunch today I met up with Katja. Lunch dates!

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