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there are a couple of pet theories about battlestar galactica i've been nurturing. one concerns the cylons in general-- to me it seems clear that they are modeled on the "lords of kobol," or the greek gods. the ones are zeus, the twos are dionysus, the threes are hera, the fours are apollo, the fives are hermes, the sixes are aphrodite, the eights are athena, so forth. now, maybe the lords of kobol exist then? as super cylons, or as the originals, or a shared soul. of course, seeing a head-baltar messes that theory up, unless baltar is the last cylon, & i really doubt that he is. the theory i came up with, which i think it probably too clever for the show (not to sound like a prick) is that baltar IS the last cylon, but that baltar is NOT a cylon. i thought it would be fun if they liked gaius sooo much that they designed the final template on him. "we thought we had all the facets of humanity covered. we were wrong. we missed you" or something. other than that, i've been making wild guesses, including the absolutely implausible theory that the last cylon is the ship galactica itself. marie queued me into thinking that kara is a half-cylon, explaining her mother's abuse & visions & such. & that the final cylon is her father. which i like, but also, why can't the final cylon be her father & just an older copy of an extant model? like an old leoban, or if you wanted to be truly frakked up, an old anders? i am more & more thinking about saul's wife possibly being an old six; i half expect to find a suburban house in the ruins of earth with just older & younger versions of the cylons living in some kind of dysfunctional family. also i have left open the possibility that the final cylon is stunt casting. which makes zarak in the running, but my dream stunt cast for the final cylon is rutger haur.

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