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keep me away!

jenny pointed out how strange our time in manhattan was during college. i was walking past abc carpet store, right? we used to just go there & hang out. the place is, to be fair, pretty cool-- full of lots of nice furniture &...well, mostly just lots of nice furnishing-stuff. when you can't drink, sometimes you hang out at a furniture store? or ride the ferry; we used to just go back & forth on the staten island ferry. these aren't particularly reasonable ways to behave, but there you have it. in other news, i had cubicle glee today. i special ordered these certain kind of office supplies, you see. & they came. ta-da. now my walls are decorated with a map of mars, a print from katja, an eye patch, some oregami cranes, & a collage of pictures from my wedding. also phone numbers. & a snow-man pencil holder.

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