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black pan.

it is a strange thing, growing up. i wasn't as peter pan as i thought i might have been as time spooled out, though i did fall into the very american trap of the extended adolesence. & while i can't quite claim to be all finished, with the getting married & the getting a new job & the breeding on the horizon, we're pulling into the station. i don't know what being the pater is going to be like. when i was a boy i was interested in sorcery, & now as a man i am interesting in right action (or wrong action), but who can say what the next bit is? prince grows up into warlock becomes what? a little mystery. i guess the rather mundane trigger for this is actually wearing shirts with buttons. no one makes clothing to fit me. tall people are apparently all either very skinny or very fat. i have to wear shirts unbuttoned to the third from the top just so my chest & shoulders can fit. so yeah, wearing a suit of flesh like a bloody meatmecha makes me think about these things.

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