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the taint (& other novellas) by brian lumley.

i was meant to post something about this last night, but i just could not for the life of me focus on anything. i was all thrashing on the couch till jenny told me to open a bottle of wine & we finished that with the last couple episodes of battlestar galactica. i went to the gym, too; i thought i would bump into danielle (donielle, or as pam puts it sometimes, "donner") but i didn't. then to bed & weird dreams of course.

as a player of vampire: the masquerade, i had been told to search out & read lumley's necroscope books. in fact, i still have a copy on my shelf unread. mass markets are hard for me to pick up, is all. anyhow, i read this as sort of a next best thing, & i wasn't impressed. it wasn't awful, just mediocre. i tend to stay away from "cthulhu mythos" tales that aren't by lovecraft, alan moore's the courtyard aside. this is sort of the reason why. lumley is clear in his introductions to some the tales that he leaves the lovecraftian idiom behind-- which yeah. if you write a story about an occult detective beating out the horrors of whatever, you have left lovecraft behind. & lumley owes derleth a debt, which is more trouble, since derleth definately didn't get it-- he made good gods? the hell, man?

if someone tells you to read a particular short story from here, you might want to. there are a couple of moments here & there. the innsmouth story has some charm. there is a silly tale about duck-baby wind-god which i think misses out on horror on account of the webbed feet not being very spooky. lumley uses the "this is my epistolary police deposition" trick a couple of times. just over-all, it doesn't stack up.
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