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Well after Caroline’s thing on Friday came along Bernard’s thing on Saturday. The day of Saturn I mostly spent idle: I washed some dishes, I organized some files, & when I went to start planning for my game on Sun’s day, I found out that it was cancelled! Woe & alack. I also had a pretty nice time at the gym—the time before that at the gym I ran into Allison & her Dan. Bernard’s party was at Brooklyn Social, which is a lovely place where the bartender’s take the advice of alchemists & apothecaries; they mix your drink by staring very hard at the right bottles, & then setting something on fire, as a rule. It was nice to see Jim—he grew up like, two blocks away from me but five years before me, so we run down the Wasteland roster every time we meet. Daphne was there, & I figured out that maybe why I find her so compelling is that she shares a subtle quality with Theresa. Some kind of—well, James brought up Sports Night & said smokiness. There is a charisma that defies a better name. & Bernard! Oh faithful sociological gamer. I’m meant to have lunch with him today. There was a moment of chance for an altercation “don’t let that guy leave his trash on our table James!” & then another bit of trouble avoided, & I walked home across the familiar Gowanus. It is like a little slice of the Wastelands here in Gotham.

Sunday like I said; game cancelled. Sam & Tracey still in post-wedding mode, but I’m sad. Stories to tell. Worlds inside of me. I walk the dog & pick up bagel-contraptions, & Jenny & I spend the day watching a lot of backlogged television. We finish season two of Veronica Mars. Vera Icon! With her camera & all that, so sweet with the word play. The plot tidies up, & that is fine, & a boy kisses a girl. Logan remains the best thing about the program. Then we walk some more. Jenny & me & the mutt promenade in the park. Busy there, with the foliage & such. We decide to dinner on a mess of wings from the new place. & then there are cocktails—Carla made us vodka infused with strawberries, or vice-versa. Wiki-wersa, like was said. Spies! & then some videogames—the lego people have lightsabers, the guitar people have lots of notes: hard! Or medium I guess really. & then we finally decide to dig into Battlestar Galactica again. We built up a backlog, I don’t know how, but it sort of got to be an albatross. Waiting for the “perfect” time to get our teeth into it. Well either we put those thoughts aside or yesterday was perfect, I can’t say. Then we shouted about how people don’t get that Laura Roslin is just George W. Bush. Man I hate her so much. Apollo, strangle her! oh & i capped off the night by watching the end of Bladerunner. The bits with Roy! & Kissing & face.

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