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i've started up some email threads talking about basic world-building. as is my wont. i like to run my mouth, bounce ideas around. the usual suspect, & some others. it keeps my brain working, & results in some great noodling-- the firepits of apokalips!-- & it is in bite-sized, work-friendly chunks. also i've been having lunch with tom a lot. i'd like to have lots of lunches with pamela, but her google lunches are only open to me when the moon is new, & if you had a fancy kitchen cooking for you, would you leave? i've got a couple of other lunch dates on the horizon, too. alex, katja, maybe someone on wednesday from kit marlowe, & also marie. i could practically write that lunch off as business, since we publish her book!

she's about to have a baby! & ivana texted me today to tell me her water broke. which actually-- so i just heard from ive after a year of silence or so the other week, & she was like "i'm married & pregnant!" & i had to fight down my knee jerk response of "oh, gross." you know, now is actually the time to be married & pregnant. no jesus making folks get hitched early, or snapped rubbers or whatever. so that is weird, being old. i know dudes who did the early married, early breeder thing-- theresa is like, my main homegirl-- but still, jesus. now it is like "oh, oh yeah. in a year or so that'll be me too." unless like, i'm shooting blanks or something?

so oh, in american politics. i was thinking about aristocracy, & the mandate. i get the appeal of the mandate of the people, but really, is it less of an illusion than the mandate of heaven? i'd prefer the mandate of ideology. you know, priests are like "no, really, i care about these ideas enough to stop having sex, to live on this mountain, to stop freaking talking. i mean it!" & samurai are like "for real, honor, i'm all about it. like, if i fuck up i'll cut my guts out, that is how much i'm not kidding around." i don't know, i was talking about america & maybe a solution presented itself? debt. now, debt gets a bad rap, & right now especially, but think about it. debt is pretty much magic money. again i'm going to neal stephenson, since his baroque cycle really made me grok debt. it really is interesting, & used properly, awesome. lets look at college: what a mess, but a great idea. we've got, what, debt forgiveness for officers in the military, firefighters, & high school teachers? we need better debt forgiveness programs to usher in diplomatic caste aristos. or at least, it is an idea.
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