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normally of course eating soft, squishy grape tomatoes is gross. signs of ill-treatment or rot! in this particular case though, i was the one who bruised them! i shoved all the leftover carrots & tomatoes into a tupperware container-- scratch that, into a recycled thai curry container-- & then shoved the cap on. television night was weird! mostly because of the dog coming on the scene; we're dogsitting claudio for a week it turns out. so carla & claudio appeared. also i think maggie was under the weather. there was a nice guitar interlude! television was strong on the reality shows, but no pushing daisies was a let-down. still, the pickup artist was very exceptional, & barney on how i met your mother was also on his big league a-game. it is nice to see david & maggie! i like them. also, they brought me treasures. well, treasures i'm going to redistribute, because that is how america rolls these days. & because it was an x-mas present i bought for someone else. so with vodka & strawberries in my veins, everyone fled, & pretty early too, so i packed up some food for tomorrow (which is now today) & here we are, in our chainmail of leeches, our robes of spidersilk, our swords which chipped the Jewel, our crown Kether. here we are hung on the tree by our necks.

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