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by our command.

i'm still thinking about politics; sorry. worldbuilding-wise at least. i've sort of grown used to having conflicting impulses; the part that says to give up the illusion individuality for the greater whole, & the part that says "don't let those people take your guns, you fools!" & i've reconciled them as separate adaptive strategies. what if i can consolidate them? i mean, there are plenty of distributed authority models i admire, right? & the idea of a self-reinforcing secular ideology fits right in with that. the upcoming technological panopticon, where everyone is always online, always has a camera? can easily pair up with a "one gun, one vote" system. make your citizens semi-autonomous. it still leaves the problem of the lowest common denominator, of those who opt out of the system selfishly or stupidly. i guess what i'm just thinking about is the benefits of the monolith, but through information sharing making that fundamentally not a single juggernaut. swarming, rather than forming institutions. i know, i know, the neal stephenson i just finished is showing. still, i'm think tanking. intelligentsia & nomenclatura & trismegistus & all that rot. i normally talk about the dismantling of the family & the end of aristocracy. what about considering the opposite? make the family a government cell. or some families, at least. i am just running scenarios in my head.
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