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first things first, i'm pretty sure there should be at least three presidents. three to seven. the current system is doomed by the vox populi basically screaming for a monarch the way a baby screams for a mother. current trends only hasten the fall of the republic to the empire; your bushes & your obamas & what have you. i also tend to think there should be a legal network of information distributors. lawyers take the bar, right? doctors too. journalism needs to be overhauled. hopefully to a point where you can make campaign spending illegal. something. i mean-- doesn't a governmental experiment have to fight against plutocrats (& now their vampire spawn, the corporation) & monarchists? so i guess i realized, or at least, articulated, that one of the most important issues for me is the functioning of the republic. voting on issues seems passe! shouldn't you vote on the process? get meta with me baby! election reform! even if i don't agree with a lot of election reform platforms-- i am all for the electoral college-- i am at least glad someone is looking under the hood.

i was happy to find out that obama was also running on the working families party line. i'm sure they got their 50,000 votes. i voted mckinney/clemente, ain't no thang. the wait in line was longish, but not terrible; i think i've been spoiled by voting on non-presidential years. i also hooked up my homegirl yvette clarke on the working fam line, & a bunch of judges & that was pretty much it. new york doesn't have one of those "i hate gay people/abortions/black people" props, nor any of the "come on, let us have more lotteries" ones either. so my clicks were pretty boring. also, man, george wallace had 13.5% of the popular vote when he won his 45 electoral votes; perot had almost 19% & he nailed zero electoral votes. i mean-- don't get me wrong. wallace was a mess. but he is proof that as recently as '68 third parties had some swing.
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