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i want to say that it was another day of rest, but it won't really be till i give a big selah to everything that crawls, swims, or flies. noted rival spellslinger ben franklin & his cat's paw willett got me; up out of bed & coffee in the mouth before i realized it. every clock in the apartment autosynchs but one, & that is the one i went with, dammit. so, some more games, some more reading, some more watching, some arguing on the internet. some kissing face with jenny. we bundled up & went to see the marathon run past our neighborhood. we wanted to see cindy & kevin, but we either were too late, missed them, or left too early. finally got to the stupid gym, & as is always the case, i feel a million bucks better. next week i'm going to see if i can lure myself to the gym by promising to only do short workouts. then if i feel like staying later, i always could. a mental gambit! now to food & more gaming. you'll see!

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