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i punked out on nanowrimo. i don't feel too bad about it; prioritizing my life over the project, you know? still i'm going to be envious of those who are doing it. maybe i'll feel secure enough in my time management to do the nanoedmo in december! which is what i ought to have been doing in the first place, ain't it? or it nanoedmo in january? let me check. oh man it turns out it is in march. so i could be a thousand miles of lazy if i wanted to. darn it; oh well. i've been okay with microprojects lately. i wish i had more things to sort of collaborate on. i should find out about doing things like that with the internet. hey internet, holler at your boy!

yesterday was sort of without concrete anything. my one penciled in plan-- going to the gym-- was shot down by jenny throwing faun eyes at me. she was just getting over being sick, as i've said. so i played some wii-- i beat guitar hero iii on easy from start to finish, for instance. i did it for two reasons: one, i need to develop the skills from the ground up, since midway through medium i can't go any higher. i didn't start medium though-- i was playing on jenny's game. so hopefully this will help. two, i wanted to play a dragonforce song on top of a plinth in hell. i also played some lego star wars & read some of my current book about vampire bats & other hemovores. & picked up pizza, ran into theresa, & watched most of saturday night life. so things happened, just lazy, goodfornothing things. then the most annoying meathead drunks kept us up all night-- one guy kept whoo!ing like rick flair. i think they were playing quarters. seriously, they sucked.
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