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first week went well. i've gotten to be useful in some respects; i can do some tasks that need doing. i've carved a nice, noticable hunk out of the backlog of work that had built-up: boxes shipped, rubbish tossed, that kind of thing. a bit of digesting i'm required to do-- that is digesting as in, making a summary or abstract, not as in, intestines & nutrients-- well, i thought i was doing it wrong but it turns out i was doing it properly-like. thursday was a halloween party & i basked in social acceptance. so things are on their way, on their way. i've had lunch with pamela & tom, eaten at the shake shack & seen the tree houses in madison square park. i've got a nameplate. winning.

speaking of "winning," that is the word i threw into sam & tracey's witchknot. last night-- halloween-- was their wedding. their vampire/celtic wedding, with incense & bloodletting, & masquerading & witches. jenny is a trooper for going. as she puts it, "weddings are important." good for her. i told her if i ever tease her about not being a sport that she should mention that she might not be, but she is a trooper. i also told her that i need to switch from being jealous of her craft projects to being supportive of them. if they make her happy, so be it! i am getting off-topic though. i called bill "neil" again; he looks like such a neil to me! & i told phillipe that i liked the cover he drew for the elfish gene. james was dressed as the wesley dodds sandman ("goodnight wesley dodds..."), peter was dressed as cory doctorow, & alicia was dressed as a wolf; jenny & i were in masks. there was a problem with the dinner though, & my sick wife hadn't eaten all day & so we had to scoot out early. jenny & i briefly bickered-- i though she wanted food but she only wanted to go home-- so home we came.

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