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an evil guest by gene wolfe.

so mister wolfe (the great genius himself) has gone from his obsession with the unfaithful narrator to focusing on the selfish protagonist. his latro books i guess were the first move in that direction, & it is full fledged in an evil guest: great things are afoot, but the main character doesn't really get it, or care. now-- i should be fair. cassie, the star of this book & the star of the play inside of it (gene wolfe loves him some meta) is not a dolt. nor is she selfish, really, just self-interested. the world passed through her as a filter; she's the most beautiful woman alive but she think's she's fat, she doesn't get what is going on with the aliens, so she tries to come to terms with it on her own, she is conflicted with feelings for two men, so forth.

the book itself? pithily, it is howard phillip lovecraft meets phillip kindred dick. all hard-boiled noir in the somewhat near future, with tentacles lurking in the shadows. plus, two wizards, or a wizard & a king, dueling. nobody ever calls cthulhu a spade, but there he is. me, i'm curious if woldercon is the same as the aborigines from fifth head of cerebus is the same as the inhumi from the book of the short sun is the same as the; well, is the same as everybody. i sort of have to assume it is, don't i?
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