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slowly but surely i grow wise in the woods craft of my new tribe. the ways of the people of the Flat Bush & those that follow the totem of the Flat Iron are different, but i am a good brave to have in a corner. not to mention i have an excellent squaw. today i took my lunch with pamela-of-the-goggles. her tribe sets up a great repast of many dishes, & the asparagus i had there surely flowered my chamber-pot. we waited outside the cave, each of us at different entrances, getting cross at the other, till we realized it was a reasonable mistake-- more over, the exact same mistake that we each made. now i am home, waiting for the television crew to assemble.

i've been sleepy & fussy. learning new social mores & mental tasks is draining, in an over-all non-specific way that makes it even more exhausting. i haven't been going to the gym, but rather knocking back a few frosty ones, or splitting a bottle of krovy red. with my ace dame, making her spell-balls. so i do very little after i get back. the dark in the sky heartens me, but i know it leads to some clockwork magic of ben franklin. upcoming. so i just hit the bricks, puddle up under the covers. long nights, die well, like the evil vulcans say.

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