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so now that i've actually started at macmillions, i can sort of talk about it. before, i didn't want to put the kibosh on it. now the blood is flowing in the golem's veins a little more, & i can make some basic acknowledgment of my alchemy. today being my first day! nothing interesting happened. i mean-- internally? all very fascinating. mordicai, behave as though surrounded by strangers who out-rank you! what a strange time to have. the morning was the sort of orientation shenanigans you'd expect, with lots of emphasis on my benefits. i've got a 401k, son! & i'm not sure whose health care & such is better between me & jenny, but i've got that too. life insurance, but it only pays out to jenny, also, i welcome all potential assassins. lets test your kung fu, shall we? so i've got a bunch of all that stuff. i now have the proverbial jay oh bee.

lunch was it this psycho place, this piece of old new york? i don't know what to tell you. i walked into some diner & it was woah? all old fashioned & pictures & not gross, & not trying. the proprietor was this huge, huge russian dude with long hair, all the cooks were these friendly mexican guys, it was very like-- where am i? when i mean, when am i? so i walked around the flatiron building's neighborhood. who the hell knows what is going on there? i sure don't. i figure i'll glom on to some of my co-workers eating habits tomorrow, see if i can learn anything new.

after that was computer training. you laugh! but who knows how to use the intranet? or all the weird outlook features, or if the g: drive is better than the i: drive for this or that. i had a bit of a wait before the training-- the girl who was meant to do it with me never showed up-- & then i went upstairs to where i actually work. matt introduced me around a couple of floors, & i met too many people to really remember any of them. matt-- this is my new boss. he's in my cohort group in age & education. likes radiohead & plays some kind of fantasy sports game. i'll unravel him more as we go on, but i like him, & more to the point he seems to know what he's doing. we fiddled around with my computer for a bit, then bang! quittin' time.

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