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today has been a race to the finish line, boy has it ever. boy vampire, has it ever! what if i threw the word vampire in to my sentences at random, that could be funny. okay, i'm all over the place. focus! yesterday i didn't do much of anything. i played video games, i went to the gym, i read (jenny hates listening to me talk about the secret life of math-monks, so everyone else has to now), i made dinner for us & i cleaned it up. not so much dead weight as relaxing. not the most exciting of days for your favorite heartthrob, but i do alright.

woke up early this morning to go to the russian bathhouse for sam's bachelor party. a delightfully inappropriate idea. so away we went. it was on a co-ed day, so there was no obligatory nudity; we wore the boxers/trunks provided by the place, also sandals, but that is it, aside from a rubberband with a key on it. here is the layout: a turkish room, which is a hot room with a shower. a cedar sauna. an aromatic room. a steam room. an ice water dunking pool. & then the russian room, which was not fucking around. seriously, the other rooms were basically what you'd expect if you've been to the sauna at a gym, but that russian joint, phew. it had a big conan the barbarian furnace & it worked like a mofo. just poured on the heat. the top tier wasn't even worth fooling around with. the middle was alright but eventually i went to the lowest one-- which, let me tell you, isn't like, a "low" setting, just less than the others. there was a cistern with ice water, constantly refreshing, & you'd take a bucket of it & pour it over your head. then you'd get this look of terrible surprise on your face! or at least i would. they beat sam with oak sticks; i stuck that ordeal out & really just being in the room with him for the thirty minutes was enough. though i'm going to pretend i got hit by the sticks too.

after that, i bailed on the fellows, & went back home. yikes too, from there i met up with simon, & we went to this steampunk maker faire in carrol gardens. it was tiny but crowded. steampunk is hillarious since everyone looks like they are larping, but i'm not opposed to them. it is absolutely the sort of silly thing i support, in fact. some of the stuff wasn't really steampunk-- jewelry? but sell what you want to! we didn't stay for the fashion show; we went across the street & simon bought me an iced coffee & i listened to his jirdly woes & he listened to me talk about space convents. it really was nice. then we bounced over to rocketship to look at comics, i pitched him my nightwing story, & we parted ways. he really did like my nightwing: birthright pitch, which is nice. the next arc, i've decided, will be nightwing of kandor. it seems vampire proper.

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