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last night's television night was quite a little soiree, despite that five minute span when it was about to be all called off. no drama, just sickness versus peer pressure. in the end the crew ended up being me & jenny, david & maggie, danielle & joe, lilly, & pamela. the food: pizza plus. the drinks: wine & i spread around the glenlivet, since david & pamela are the two creatures i know who would & did most appreciate it. danielle's (& jan's) book famous corpses came with her, & hey, she dedicated it to me! see, you give a little ghostly help & you get reckon-ized. hell's bells a-ringin'. i could try, i said try, to go through the television, but i won't bother; it was paused more often than it played! oh, & before i came, at kit marlowe & co., i had dante drop off my sleep box for me. see how i abused my position!

today has been quite lazy, or wait. lie! not lazy at all. threw out a bunch of old clothes, with jenny's help. she would poke me & i'd say throw it away! throw it oh god! away! & i played some of the lego star wars game that she bought me, & we learned that weezer's "my name is jonas" is the song to play if you want to learn how to hammerdown, or whatever, in guitar hero. i emailed back & forth with tom about his character in my game. i didn't read anathem but so far is is awesome. & i organized my old pay stubs, & i shredded things. also, i went to the gym, & i went grocery shopping. so i've been doing things. so many things.
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