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mogwai, mowgli.

the graveyard book by neil gaiman.

i'll be honest. jenny & i cracked into the glenlivet 21 that antonio got me, on account of the new job. & while i'm being honest, i'll say that it took me a while to get into this. the first bit of the book didn't hook me, & rather left me unmoved. that was sorted out as the character developed agency. you know, at first it was a little bit too much of the "misadventure" story; so & so makes this mistake & so forth. now, we are being honest, & i haven't read the jungle book, though i ought to. this probably mirrors that an awful lot. once you get over the hump, though, bod, our protagonist, starts being a stand up fellow, & that turns things around. by the end i quite liked it. & when i put it up on the shelf & pulled down anathem i saw that both had embossed initials on the cover & were published by the same imprint. very nice editions. hip, hip.
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