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since my game was canceled on sun's day, i was left afloat! my usual morning is a scramble to get frosting for my cake-- images, sounds, just the right miniature, that kind of thing. instead i was untethed, & on top of that woke up early on account of being plugged full of wires. so i got up & at 'em & tried to entertain myself. went to the gym, ran a few errands, did a few chores, stayed out of jenny's way when she got up. she baked some granola bars & an apple cake. i was a little stir crazy? i didn't feel like putting my nose in a book, & there wasn't any television or video games. sulk! sun's days are usually reserved for us to not be disgustingly umbilical; i do my thing with my folks, & she does her things with her friends. so away she went & then the ghost of boredom, & the zombie of boredom & the lich of boredom too came upon me. to dispel it, i called up victoria, she brought over her dog & guitar hero, & we had indian food. suck on those apple cores, undead! & now i can't even return the sleep machine to the doctor's? they are supposed to call me back so we can schedule it, but i haven't heard back from them. did i mention that the computers were down at work for about an hour & now our phone service has been suspended? awesome.

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